We LOVE LOVE LOVE getting to know more and more people every day who use our Jewelry collection  to create exciting, new jewelry  stories.

So whether your daughter had a great time one evening, or whether you've rocked a new gorgeous look yourself, or whether you set the cosplay stage on fire - we all want to know YOUR JEWELRY story.

Share Your Story With The World & Get Free Product!

All you have to do is post a pic/video on Instagram or Facebook of the time you or someone you know  wore our jewelry collection  and share your experience. Make sure you use the tag #mallwala along with your story in that post.

As a THANK YOU from all of us at Mall Wala  for bringing a smile to everyone's face with your next life  story, we'll pick one or more people every day and ship out your favorite jewelry  at no charge.

No terms and conditions. Easy peasy :)


Mall Wala